The strongest shaman of the highest degree
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28 февраля 2018 в 23:47
The strongest shaman of the highest degree
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You can see many things such as rituals, sacrifices, summoning spirits, and more. Attention ! Some videos contain Psychocode and not recommended for viewing.

Biography of
Igor Leonidovich Nikolaev
Biography of Siberian sorcerer

Is a hereditary witch in the fifth generation. The ancestor of the ancient Polish nobility great-grandfather Vernitsky, which is a kind of black magic and witchcraft. Great-grandfather mother was a Polish nobleman who eventually became a black wizard practitioner. Vernitsky Victor Emmanuilovich lived in Warsaw, was the eldest son in the family, falling in love with a Russian girl, was disinherited by his father and went to Siberia, where he met a hermit with heavenly gift and the power. Over time, hermit everyone will know how Grigory Rasputin.

Photos from the family archive
The father of the Magician Igor Leonidovich Nikolayev is a kind of white magic. Grandma Claudia A. Nikolaev, from the Leningrad oblast Ladoga D. Sills, was better known as the white witch Baba Klava, participated and treated the people after he died, appeared in a dream and gave all his strength to Nikolaev Igor Leonidovich, what helped him to gain the gift of clairvoyance. To learn the secret knowledge of white magic and communication with spirits.
Trained to the knowledge and practice remains to live in Siberia, in the village near. The river Slyudyanka, where engaged in the practice of magic and witchcraft. Victor Emmanuilovich becomes the first wizard and witch doctor in the village. People go to him from other villages that would be cured from the disease to know the future, to conduct secret rituals.

No wedding or funeral is not conducted without his participation. All ask the approval and blessing of the magician. After his death the power of anyone, all the knowledge leaves in the genus. Partially magical abilities get mother the magician Igor Leonidovich, prophetess Nikolaeva Ludmila, but the main force goes to Igor Leonidovich, and in consequence gaining momentum in the field of magic and witchcraft.
Krasnoyarck Vedimak Sagal. Красноярск Ведьмак. Nikolaev Igor Leonidovich ?v=BPQUFV8JgFY&index=11& ;list=PLKAAygnNF_9KK4t-C9kgTSt7 OXujE0ouB

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